Our approach.

Minnesota Ice was founded in the summer of 2013 by University of St. Thomas students Robbie Harrell and Stu Lombardo, when, after over seven years of experience with ice sculpting businesses, they recognized ways in which they could improve and expand the industry. The ice sculpting industry was dominated by a narrow field of hand sculptors, keeping options low, and inefficiencies and labor costs high. Robbie and Stu combined their entrepreneurial and engineering educations to develop a business plan and to design and build an ice carving machine that proved to be game changers in the industry by creating the opportunity to bring the beauty of ice sculpture to a larger market. During 2014, Minnesota Ice took on former Minnesota Vikings player Cullen Loeffler as there backer of the company which has increased our speed to move promptly in the market and further invest into our manufacturing process.

Our Mission.

Minnesota Ice Sculptures mission is to enhance the guest’s experience¬†at your event, providing them with an everlasting impression leaving them with something to talk about on Monday morning at the office! We promise to never cancel, never be late and always exceed expectations.

We areIce designers.

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With over 20 Years of combined experience, we are the experts you want to choose for your upcoming event.