Custom Crafted Large Format Artisan Ice Cubes

PURE & CLEAR is simply the finest artisan ice available! The PURE & CLEAR secret starts with specially made ice blocks that are carefully frozen to be extra dense, free of impurities, and crystal clear. Our Ice Carvers then carefully plan out each PURE & CLEAR cutting and craft the individual cubes. Each retail package of PURE & CLEAR is hand signed by artisan that created it!

Handcraftedby artisan ice crafters.

At Minnesota Ice every cube of PURE & CLEAR ice is prepared by our skilled Ice Artisans to meet the highest standards around clarity, purity, and density. We don’t pack PURE & CLEAR on an assembly line by machine. Each bag of PURE & CLEAR is carefully packed by hand by the Ice Artisan that carved it to ensure only the best product leaves our freezers. While it’s cold working in the freezers, our Artisans are so proud of their work they hand sign every bag!

The quality is in the details.

Bartenders and Mixologists work hard to make the perfect drink… They know bad ice can spoil great creations or expensive sprits! Standard ice traps air bubbles and looks cloudy while melting too fast. At Minnesota Ice™ we believe ice should enhance the visual impact and overall taste of drinks. We craft crystal clear cubes that are visually engaging and melt slower to minimize drink dilution and flavor impact. Let us do the hard work so you can entertain with style or just savor the best tasting drink possible!

Crafted by Minnesota Pure & Clear Ice