First impressions.

Many years ago, Robbie Harrell & Stu Lombardo worked for an ice company that felt first impressions were not always the key to success. Which is Robbie Harrell and Stu Lombardo decided to team up and pitch their idea at the University of St Thomas Fowler Business challenge in 2013.

After building their business plan and boot-strapping all of the necessary equipment need to launch their company in the Summer of 2013 Robbie & Stu were confident they were set to win the Fowler Challenge.

After hundreds of hours of research, preparation, prototyping and design concepts Minnesota Ice was born. Opening it’s doors less than 24 hours before the Fowler Business Challenge in Robbie’s garage. Robbie & Stu were able to bring a real concept to the school project.

Running on less than two hours of sleep, Robbie & Stu delivered multiple sculptures around campus to set the stage for success.

Newton's first law of motion; Inertia states that "An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion. Robbie and Stu are an object in motion and are here to change the ice game!

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

Unfortunately for Robbie and Stu, the University of St Thomas Fowler Judges did not see the opportunity in the market for their ice business. But that has only ignited the fire even more for Robbie and Stu to strive forward to become one of the largest ice companies in the state.